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February 17 Saturday Scented candle making workshop 6:30 PM

February 17 Saturday Scented candle making workshop 6:30 PM

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Get ready for a creative dive into the world of candles during our cozy workshop! In a fun 90 minutes you will discover the basics of candle making and get started creating two great scented candles of 125 ml each. Whether you are a beginner in candle making or just fancy a lively and creative activity, this workshop guarantees a fun and hands-on experience.

What can you expect?

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Location: Pieterskerk-Choorsteeg 3, Leiden

Highlights of the Workshop:

  1. Candle Fun for Beginners: Join our candle making party and discover the ins and outs of making the perfect candle. We take you on a relaxing journey through the art of candle making.

  2. Create Your Own Fragrance Adventure: Unleash your creativity as you create your own fragrance blend. Choose from a playful mix of scents to create a unique combination that suits you perfectly.

  3. Make Two Fantastic Candles: Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on to make two fantastic candles of 125 ml each. Perfect to brighten up your environment or as the ultimate handmade gift.

  • All necessary materials for a lively experience are included.
  • 10% discount voucher to use on all CottoHouse products
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