Frequently Asked Questions

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Sustainability and Materials

- What makes your products sustainable?

At CottoHouse we strongly believe in sustainability. We cooperate with
family businesses that we know personally, to ensure that our
products are manufactured responsibly. This includes using
sustainable materials and production methods.

- Which natural substances are used in your products?

We use high-quality natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and
soy wax. These materials not only offer exceptional comfort and quality,
but are also environmentally friendly. By choosing natural materials
we minimize the impact on the environment and ensure a more sustainable one

- Do you also use recycled materials?

Yes, we are committed to reducing waste and recycling
of materials. That is why we also use recycled materials, especially for
our soles. The soles of our products are made from recycled car parts
tractor tires. By giving these materials a new life, we reduce
waste and we contribute to a circular economy.

- How do you select the family businesses with which you
to collaborate?

When selecting family businesses, we strive for partners who
share the same values ​​as promoting sustainability and delivering
high-quality handicraft products. We make sure we personally
have contact with these companies so that we can control the production process
check and ensure that they meet our strict
sustainability standards.

- What can customers expect from your sustainable products?

Our sustainable products not only offer exceptional quality and
comfort, but also enable customers to make conscious choices that
have a positive impact on the environment. By investing in our handmade
products, customers contribute to a more sustainable world and support them
fair labor practices at our partner family businesses.

At CottoHouse we strive for a harmonious balance between quality,
comfort and durability. We are committed to offering products that
not only feel good, but also be good for the planet. Through our soles
to make from recycled car and tractor tires, we give these materials a
second life and reduce our ecological footprint.

Ordering and Delivery

- Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping for orders over 60 euros
within the European Union. One applies for orders under this amount
standard shipping rate quoted during the checkout process.

- How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

We aim to ship orders within 2 business days of receipt
send payment. Please note that this is the processing time and
no guarantee for delivery on a specific date. Once your order is
shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information so that you can
you can track your package.

- What is the delivery time for personalized products?

For personalized products we use a delivery time of 2 weeks. Our
artisans work with care and precision to personalize you
product so that it meets your expectations. We want to make sure that
each personalized item is made with the utmost care before being shipped.

- Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, we deliver internationally. However, keep in mind that free
shipping only applies to orders within the European Union. Bee
deliveries outside the EU may incur additional costs such as national taxes
and customs duties may apply. These charges are the responsibility
of the buyer. For more information about possible additional costs, please contact us
contact your country's customs authorities.

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us
customer service. We are ready to help you and answer all your questions!


- What is the return period for products?

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to return a product. Therefore
we offer a return period of 2 weeks after receiving your order. Take
please contact our customer service for instructions on how to return your
Products). Please note that personalized products may not be returned
unless there are manufacturing defects.