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Hammam towel bathrobe 100% Cotton

Hammam towel bathrobe 100% Cotton

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100% cotton

Made from long fiber Turkish cotton that only gets more beautiful with every wash. These beautiful materials become softer, more absorbent and even more luxurious with every wash, while increasing durability and strength at the same time.


Can be returned within 2 weeks in original packaging and unused.

Embrace luxury and comfort with our bathrobe made from 100% cotton hammam towel. This bathrobe is designed with your ultimate relaxation in mind. Made from high-quality cotton, the hammam towel bathrobe offers a soft and absorbent experience after an invigorating shower or a relaxing bath.

Our bathrobe is carefully crafted with the characteristic properties of a hammam towel. The light and breathable material ensures a comfortable fit, while the quick-drying ability helps you feel fresh and dry. With its timeless design and elegant style, this bathrobe is a perfect addition to your daily self-care routine.

Whether you're enjoying a relaxing morning, planning a spa day at home or just wanting to relax after a long day, our hammam towel bathrobe will provide you with the ultimate comfort. Wrap yourself in softness and enjoy the feeling of luxury in your own home.

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